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Our Purpose

Hung Phi Law Firm brings legal certainty and safety and provides maximum assurance of the clients’ legal rights and interests. This supports clients and enterprises to achieve their success and accomplish their goals more effectively.


Operating Principle

The lawyers of Hung Phi Law Firm are professional legal experts who have the highest standards of ethical practice. Hung Phi’s lawyers always respect the law and put the rights and interests of our clients above our own.


Vision and Mission

We build and develop legal services in a comprehensive, diversified, professional, dedicated, accurate, and highly efficient manner. We strive to build Hung Phi Law Firm into a Southeast Asia region and Global.

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Luat su Phi Manh Hung
Van phong


HUNG PHI LAW FIRM provides legal consulting solutions at a high level of expertise, achieving excellence in our key strengths, including:


Our lawyers are fully qualified, professional and very experienced

We always put the interests of our customers first and above our own

We have the most effective consulting and working solution, always satisfied customers

Service fees and remuneration are very reasonable, clear and transparent

Our lawyers and staff are very friendly, enthusiastic, always devoted to customers, to their work

Attentive customer service and support.

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We are proud of our customers, community and employees, and work hard to make sure they are proud of us.

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