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18-08-23 | 2:28

Childbirth by assisted reproductive technology is the use of modern medical techniques to interfere with a woman’s conception process with the aim of helping infertile, infertile couples or women. Singles can get pregnant and have the kids they want. Giving birth by assisted reproductive technology has shown a remarkable development of science and technology. In...

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05-09-22 | 10:52
Heavy industry

Our legal advisors have experience in heavy industry consultancies such as the shipbuilding industry, manufacturing industry, mechanical industry, and energy industry…   Heavy industry We advise and give legal opinions for the construction planning, execution, implementation, and completion of projects and bidding packages; drafting contracts signed with contractors; and construction contracts. We also advise and...

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05-09-22 | 10:52

Hung Phi Law Firm offers comprehensive and helpful labor law support for your company and your HR Department. Labor We have dedicated legal consultants and experts who are ready to help you to resolve the following issues related to employment relationships and labor law: Labor law consulting; Consulting and drafting the employment contract, the probation...

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05-09-22 | 10:51
Tax and accounting

Lawyers and legal executives of the Hung Phi Law Firm worked with the tax authorities. Therefore, we have experience and professional strengths in consulting and implementing the tax, finance, and accounting procedures for all types of enterprises. Tax and accounting In particular, we provide the service consultation and support for tax finalization. We also support...

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Real Estate and contruction
05-09-22 | 10:50
Real estate and construction

Nowadays, real estate investment and business are developing more and more successful in Vietnam. Investors in the real estate business in Vietnam are not only Vietnamese enterprises but also foreign enterprises. However, legal regulations, procedures, and specific conditions are different when applied to each investor. Real estate and construction To support domestic investors, overseas Vietnamese,...

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05-09-22 | 10:49
Marriage and family requirements

Hung Phi Law Firm consults clients and participates in litigation to resolve petitions relating to marriage and family, including: The petitions for revocation of illegal marriages. The petitions for recognition of voluntary divorces and agreements on child custody and property division upon divorces. The petitions for recognition of agreements between the parents about the change...

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05-09-22 | 10:47
Disputes about marriage and family

Hung Phi law firm consults clients and participates in litigation to resolve disputes relating to marriage and family, including: Divorces, disputes over child-rearing or property division upon divorces; division after divorce. Disputes over division of spousal common property during their marriage. Disputes over the change of post-divorce child custodian. Disputes over determination of fathers or...

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05-09-22 | 10:46
Civil disputes

The Hung Phi lawyers have long-year experience in litigation. With in-depth, certain, comprehensive legal knowledge and conscientiousness, we have strengths in providing consulting services and representing clients participating in the proceedings to resolve civil disputes as follows: Disputes over ownership rights and other rights to property Disputes over civil transactions, contracts Disputes over intellectual property...

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