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Real Estate and contruction
05-09-22 | 10:50
Real estate and construction

Nowadays, real estate investment and business are developing more and more successful in Vietnam. Investors in the real estate business in Vietnam are not only Vietnamese enterprises but also foreign enterprises. However, legal regulations, procedures, and specific conditions are different when applied to each investor. Real estate and construction To support domestic investors, overseas Vietnamese,...

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05-09-22 | 10:42
Litigation and dispute resolutions

Hung Phi Law Firm is proud to be a professional and reputable Law Firm in Vietnam, achieving excellent results in consulting and/or participating in proceedings to resolve disputes in the field of business and commerce, marine, oil and gas, logistics, insurance...

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05-09-22 | 10:40
Shipping-Oil and Gas

We had many years of experience working in consulting and resolving Shipping – Oil and Gas disputes. We also achieved successful results, even with difficult and complex cases

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05-09-22 | 10:36

The increasing number of Free Trade Agreements that Vietnam participates in has created opportunities for international integration and helped domestic enterprises develop. However, an enterprise, especially a large-scale one, wants to do business successfully and grow sustainably in the current market economy and international economic integration: one of the most important factors is that enterprises...

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