Real estate and construction

Nowadays, real estate investment and business are developing more and more successful in Vietnam. Investors in the real estate business in Vietnam are not only Vietnamese enterprises but also foreign enterprises. However, legal regulations, procedures, and specific conditions are different when applied to each investor.

Real estate and construction

Real estate and construction

To support domestic investors, overseas Vietnamese, and foreign-invested enterprises in compliance with the provisions of Vietnamese law, Hung Phi Law Firm (proud to be one of the reputable law firms in Vietnam) will give you helpful solutions in the following cases of real estate and construction business in Vietnam:

  • Legal advice relating to real estate and construction.
  • Consulting on conditions and scope of real estate business for domestic organizations and individuals, overseas Vietnamese, and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam.
  • Advising domestic and foreign enterprises on investing, building, and renting factories, warehouses, offices in industrial parks, export processing zones, and economic zones in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on cooperation between the investor and project development units or between the investor and other business cooperation units such as: contributing capital for business investment, financial management, construction execution, distribution, marketing, and sales of the product.
  • Consulting, negotiating, and drafting EPC Contracts.
  • Consulting on order and procedures and drafting contracts such as purchase and sale, transfer, lease, lease-purchase houses, and construction.
  • Consulting and drafting contracts for the transfer, lease, and sublease of land use rights or land-attached assets;
  • Advising on conditions and procedures for transferring all or part of a real estate project to another investor for further investment and business.
  • Consulting, representing investors or contractors to negotiate and/or resolve real estate and construction disputes through litigation.

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