Business and trade disputes

Hung Phi Law Firm is proud to be a professional and reputable Law Firm in Vietnam, achieving excellent results in consulting and/or participating in proceedings to resolve disputes in the field of business and commerce, marine, oil and gas, logistics, insurance...

Business and trade disputes

Business and trade disputes

The Hung Phi lawyers have long-year experience in litigation. With in-depth legal knowledge and conscientiousness, we have strengths in providing consulting services and representing clients participating in the proceedings to resolve business and trade disputes as follows:

  • Business and trade disputes between enterprises (disputes arising from service contracts, sale contracts, EPC contracts,…).
  • Intellectual property and technology transfer disputes.
  • Disputes between persons who are not members of the company, but have transactions on the transfer of stakes with the company or company members.
  • Disputes between company and company member; disputes between company and executive of limited liability companies or member of the Board of Directors or Director/ General Director of joint-stock companies, between members of the company with each other related to the establishment, operation, dissolution, acquisition, consolidation, full division, partial division, transfer of company’s assets and conversion of type of an enterprise.
  • Other business and trade disputes.

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