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11-09-22 | 3:09
Analysis of the Decree No. 41/2022 amending 02 Decrees on invoice and VAT deduction

The Decree No. 41/2022/ND-CP on amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Government’s Decree No. 123/2020 on invoices and documents and the Government’s Decree No. 15/2022 providing tax exemption and reduction policies under the Resolution No. 43/2022/QH15 is issued by the Government and takes effect on June 20, 2022. Here are the important...

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06-09-22 | 4:02
Human resource management in the new normal

How to manage a strong human resources team, optimize business operations for managers in the new normal period? Will technology bring positive changes to human resource management after the pandemic? This is the main content of the webinar “Human resource management in the new normal” held on Saturday morning, October 30, 2021.  Accompanying this event...

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06-09-22 | 4:01
Review top 5 best business management software today!

The era of technology with many technological advances changes all aspects of life. Especially the support of business management software in business. So what is the most effective business management software today? Let’s find out with GK through the following article!   I. What is business management software? Business management software was born with the...

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06-09-22 | 3:29
What should businesses do to take advantage of the opportunity?

Some economic experts believe that domestic enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups should pay attention to training their staff, grasping technology solutions to be able to transform their businesses. Business ideas come true… Lesson 1: “The difficulty reveals the wisdom”, businesses must change to adapt Is downsizing staff a wise move? To cope...

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06-09-22 | 3:27
The golden time of digital transformation for all businesses

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world economy, including Vietnam. This is also the golden time for all businesses to find digital solutions and apply them to the way they operate their businesses, turning difficulties into opportunities to accelerate digital transformation and open a new era for the economy. digital. Difficulties pile up difficulties...

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